Erik & Sanne

Born and raised in the Netherlands, and with several active holidays in the north they decided to leave our their home country in 2010 to explore further.

“We were longing for adventure and wanted to fulfil our dreams of living close to nature. Our love for huskies and dog sledding brought us to different places in Lapland. We gained a lot of experience about dog care, wilderness guiding, winter, nature and the animals around us.”

After settling down in the Rane River Valley we followed the dream of having our own pack of huskies. These dogs are our colleagues, family and best friends! Every day with them is a happy day out in nature.

Together with our pack we are able to welcome guests and give them an experience of a lifetime. 

"We love to share our passion with people from all over the world and we are very dedicated to give our guests a very authentic and personal adventure."

Erik & Sanne

Owners - Yellow Snow Husky Adventures