Meet Fredrik

"To host guests here in the north from all over the world is truly a blessing. I grew up here, and it's been a dream since I was a teenager to show this part of the world for others. When we get guests from far away and they get meet locals here and take a part in our arctic lifestyle they help us to keep our hombeblindness away. The arctic forestland gives so much, to us and our guests. We use nature without exploiting it, and when we contibute to the local economy here we keep other ways of using nature in much more exploitive way short"

Fredrik has been a self-employed photographer since the early 90s. He moved to Kenya in 1998 and worked in various African projects in sustainable tourism.

After some years in Kenya, he moved back to Lassbyn in RĂ¥ne River Valley and started developing photo tours and nature photography tours in Africa and in Swedish Lapland.

He founded Aurora Safari Camp in 2013 and when Jonas joined forces with him in 2018 they started The Outpost Lodge. Their latest adventure is Lapland Ballooning which will soon be ready to operate.

Fredrik Broman 

Aurora Safari Camp

The Outpost Lodge