Meet Iwona

and Reginald

We love the Oder Delta, it is amazing to live here. We can enjoy an incredible wildlife and a wide variety of bird species. We feel like a guest in the nature. We have the best job in the world, which is to create memorable experiences for our guests to bring back home.

We are always looking for the best spots to watch birdlife and wildlife and to guide our safaris. It is our way of life and our passion. Nature tourism brings a chance to develop the region where we live. Our dream is to keep the Oder Delta as wild and natural as it is now.

We welcome you to visit this undiscovered place, experience unbelievable wildlife in the centre of Europe and fall in love with the Oder Delta, just as we did.

We are founders of Oder Delta Safaris and we run a rural accommodation in the small village of Kopice.

Iwona and Reginald