Meet James

James is an award-winning nature photographer, filmmaker and guide with a passion for rewilding based in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. Having studied a BSc in Zoology with Conservation and an MSc in Science Communication he has a thorough understanding of conservation issues and a wide array of skills in multimedia production.

James is one of the directors at SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a non-profit social enterprise focused on rewilding advocacy and communications. 

James has helped create films and books, all with an emphasis on rewilding and currently heads up their Rewilding Retreats programme.

As an advocate for ecotourism as one of the economic benefits of rewilding, James has been guiding nature lovers and photographers across the Scottish Highlands for several years. He will take you in search of amazing wildlife, visit inspiring rewilding initiatives on the ground and explore the potential for a wilder landscape.

“Quite frankly I’m addicted to nature. I can’t emphasise enough that time spent in the wild is good for your body and mind. Hiking to a mountain top for sunrise or walking amongst the gnarled Scots pines of the Caledonian pinewoods are mesmerising experiences. There’s so much to explore in the natural world and every time you head outside you’ll see or learn something new and that’s the excitement of nature.”

James Shooter

Rewilding Retreats Scotland