Meet Jose Almeida

José Almeida started Dream Overland a in 2014. Jose’s love for the outdoors began early in his childhood. Over of the years, his passion for nature and travelling became increasingly bigger. 

He has worked with Land Rover Owner International magazine, and more recently with Overland Journal Europe magazine.

“In all these years’ worth of experience, I’ve been able to do some of the things I like the most: traveling, enjoying the wonders of nature and contacting with new people in remote places.”

Nature conservation has been an enduring passion and priority in his life, hence his involvement with various environmental organizations.  Jose owns a of woodland in the high mountains of Portugal, where he aims to re-establish the natural habitats once destroyed by wildfires.

He has been partnering with the Faia Brava Reserve for some few years now, doing visits with customers and doing fire surveillance during the hot summer season.

“I am always looking for new magical places to discover the best and most authentic things Portugal has to offer, so I invite you to join me in of our next trips!”

Jose Almeida - Dream Overland