Kathryn & Angus

Kathryn and Angus were born and raised on the islands and have a genuine passion for the truly stunning local area, amazing variety of wildlife and wealth of outdoor activities. Kathryn spent as much of her childhood as she could hanging out with her native Highland ponies, playing with the sheepdog and chasing hens on the family ran croft, a type of smallholding unique to Scotland. 

Angus grew up addicted to the water and pioneered some of the best surf spots around the islands at a time when very few locals surfed or visitors knew to come all the way to the Outer Hebrides. North Uist is rich in Gaelic language, music and culture. Gaelic is Angus's first language and you are very likely to hear the language being spoken in the local area. 

Kathryn and Angus set about looking at a sustainable way of life within the forest. Recognising how special North Uist is and the rich offering for travellers looking to escape, get back to nature and enjoy the wilderness, Uist Forest Retreat was created to offer the highest standard of accommodation in an exceptional location that comes complete with forest and sea views. 

'Angus and I are blessed to call this our home. We both share a desire to eat local and Uist has some of the best fresh produce from either the croft, the wilderness, the ocean or even accessible from the shore. Cockles can be found when the tide goes out and are delicious eaten in the traditional way when fried up in garlic and oatmeal!'

'When I’m walking along and a pair of white-tailed eagle circle over my head or an otter tucks in to his catch on the shore, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to be here. We want to share the best the area has to offer with people who want to explore and appreciate the spectacular wildlife and environment here, all our guests say how they wished they had planned to stay for longer!'

Kathryn & Angus 

Owners - Uist Forest Retreat