Meet Kristian

Before becoming a Wilderness Guide in South Africa I studied and worked in the field of Academic Fine Art. This special background was centred around questioning the world around you.

During my first walking safari experience I decided that 'This is what i want to do for the rest of my life’ and upon entering this new field of work I took with me the relentless mode of questioning that art had given me.

It fostered a deep interest in the intricate networks of nature, where species collaborate directly or indirectly to form diverse and dynamic ecosystems.

Such details are incredibly important, by learning to read, interpret and then understand these subtle signs we can begin to form a deeper connection to the natural world around us. This is a key element to being a Trails guide and one that I hope to translate through my guided tours.

I was born in the UK and trained in South Africa to become a Walking Trails Guide. I find it important to bring all the knowledge, skills and passion I acquired in Southern Africa  here to my home continent of Europe to promote the natural diversity that I feel rivals any I have seen on my many solo expeditions around the globe.  

Kristian de La Riva

Walking Safari Guide