Meet Liza

With a big interest in traveling, meeting people and food - the adventures of the Arctic retreat began in a sudden and adventurous manner.

It all started one day when Nick and I came across these cozy, remote log cabins that were on sale in an area we had visited a few times before. After some thought and preparations, we sold everything and moved into this lodge situated on a small cape, close to Raven rapid in the Råne river.

I won’t lie it was a challenge from time to time, living with a one year old and no normal toilets or modern comforts to begin with. Forget about baby strollers and your everyday latte meetings with the girls. 

Talk about personal development!

Somehow however it turned out to be the best choice and time in my life.

After a random introduction to the tourism sector of the area, thoughts and ideas slowly changed. Instead of keeping this hidden gem to ourselves we started thinking about what has now become the Arctic Retreat project. 

My name is Liza, I’m 33 years old and the co-owner of the Arctic Retreat. I’ve worked most of my life in health care services and now combined my passion for food, travel and people into one - The Arctic retreat!

I would characterize myself as very social and easy-going, and with my fiancee, Nick and son Rio we've settled into the new lifestyle - outside the city, away from the bright lights.

"We’re now ready to take the next big step and I want to share our journey.

I’ll show you a year of our arctic lifestyle and the building of my dream – the Arctic Retreat.

I’ll show you the powerful spring flooding, the mystic summer with endless days under the midnight sun, the autumn with it’s colors, berries and grand auroras. I’ll show you the six months long winter when the deep snow lies glistening in the light of stars and auroras.

Follow me to the deep forests and untouched rivers of Swedish Lapland."

Liza Löfgren<br />Getronosan Arctic Retreat