Meet Love

Love Rynbäck was born in the far north of Sweden, close to Kiruna. His career path took a different turn when he decided to switch from becoming a constructional engineer, to work in tourism. He has been a wilderness guide, fishing and mountain guide, and an adventure guide teacher.

After 2 years in South America he returned to Sweden and created in 2001 his own company, CreActive Adventure, motivated by his love to work with people. It is a small company working with lots of love to give guests a great experience in Swedish Lapland.


Whitin CreActive Adventures, Love Rynbäck has been providing guests high quality, personal and fun activities in Swedish Lapland since 2000. Their activities through the northern wilderness are available at Arctic Retreat, Sörbyn Lodge and Treehotel and can accommodate from 2 to 300 people. They provide a wide range of adventures in the winter and in the summer, guided with the most professional, experienced and educated staff.

Love Rynbäck

Owner CreActive Adventures