Meet Mafalda

Mafalda decided to become an entrepreneur to offer visitors more than just 'window tourism' as she calls it.  'We create offerings based on authenticity and distinction!'

'An elegant table at a never-imagined place, framed by a stunning natural landscape, a great selection of Douro wine, and tasteful local food.' - designed to offer and explore the senses is the ambition of Miles Away.

There is a lot to be experienced: Paleolithic art engravings at the Côa Valley Archaeological Park, a world heritage UNESCO site and nature reserves to discover the wildlife of the region.

Guided tours to the best winemakers, led by local experts, affectionate people that can share their passion for the region and the diverse landscape are all part of whats so unique and special.

Mafalda, who is always developing new ideas and exploring new opportunities, is one the newest Rewilding Europe Capital loan beneficiaries. With support and expertise, Mafalda is now operating Fly Camp, a wildlife safari adventure where one should feel totally immersed in nature, 'a room without walls', 'protected by a mosquito net' she says.

The idea of the Hemmingway style Fly Camp is to provide a unique outdoor experience in the region, combining nature, beautiful landscapes and good-living. Visitors will sleep in a two-person 'room', with a maximum of eight people per group.

Mafalda Nicolau de Almeida
Fly Camp, Portugal