Meet Marco

Before he became a guide, Marco worked many years as a graphic designer in Rome. In 2015 he decided to change his life, leaving Rome and moving to Abruzzo.  

Now he lives in Barrea, a small village in the heart of the region, rich in history, culture, and traditions. Surrounded by ancient forests from which the most beautiful peaks rise, this place is inhabited by unique wild animals.


He begins to study specialized books and to listen to people's stories. He then officially became a nature guide wanting to share and immerse others in the beauty and peculiarities of these places. 

He has a great passion for photography. He shares his experiences and moments spent in the nature through images.

Marco Buonocuore


"Whenever you walk in the forest or on top of a mountain, whenever you talk to local people or listen to their stories, you learn something new about the nature of these places."