Meet Nino

Local Croatian wildlife photographer and guide Nino Salkic recently commented “…being in the hides waiting for wildlife is like meditating, its a patience game and I always feel energized regardless of what we see.” 

As a third generation photographer, Salkic’s love for nature was quickly matched with his growing interest in photography, and as he was born and raised in Velebit, the mountains are where he feels most at home. 

Over the past years, Nino has been involved in all aspects of the wildlife hide development and with the assistance of research cameras is keeping up to date information on the wildlife movements in the area.

Adventurer, mountaineer and photographer aren't enough, Nino is studying Nature Conservation in his spare time...and documenting the storms that grace the Adriatic and coastal mountain regions.

Through all of this, his focus is on the promotion of natural beauty, wildlife and culture of Croatia.

Nino is equally comfortable and confident behind the camera lens, a mountain top or ranging against the local storms along the Adriatic coast.

Nino Salkic
Wildlife Guide And Photographer, Velebit Mountains