Meet Richard

My name is Richard, I'm a happy and dedicated musher from remote Swedish Lapland. I live with my son Hugo, daughter Nova and 24 pure breed Siberian huskies in a pristine and appealing river valley where the small village Sörbyn is located. 

Beside the mushing part of life I am also a professional chef and I've been working in some of Stockholm's most renowned restaurants, co-operated with the Swedish culinary team and done some huge food events both in Sweden and abroad.

I write a lot, a creative word artist and expressing my life is part of how I grow.

I appreciate stillness and nature and seek to engage a life in balance. 

Me and the team were recommended in Lonely Planet Magazine as  "best for activities" and named as one of nine "Dream trips" in 2014 in the whole world.

When I work with the Dogs in the wilderness on longer runs I feel like home and with the strong contact between me and the team I experience a profound and supreme link to nature and the Dogs help me to be grounded on my journey through life.

I work closely with the team and build up a solid but also mutually connected relationship with each individual. Train them individually to build up a unique contact with each personality and then form a synchronicity for a balanced team.

The more time I spend with the team, the deeper we interact and connect.

Richard Karlsson<br />Isdimma Husky Adventures, Musher