Local Partners & guides

We pride ourselves in finding and working with the best local partners and guides to deliver unique, authentic experiences to you! Our business is based on relationships, filled with trust and integrity - our partners are here because they strive for the same.

Ultimately, our partners become yours, as they host you and care for you through your adventures!

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Fernando Romão

  • Greater Côa Valley
  • Portugal

With training in Outdoor and Adventure activities as well as Tourism and Nature interpretation, Fernando is the perfect combination for a nature based tour in the area. With his own nature tourism and photography business he strives to always bring the best of the area and its experiences to his guests. Read more

Fredrik Broman

  • Lapland
  • Sweden

Fredrik has been a self-employed photographer since the early 90s. He moved to Kenya in 1998 and met Jonas down there and has been working with him ever since in various African projects in sustainable tourism. Read more

Dr. Bruce Yerkovich

  • Velebit Mountains
  • Croatia

Bruce lives at the Ranch with his wife Megi, where he trains horses and takes guests on horseback expeditions. Read more

Erik & Sanne

  • Lapland
  • Sweden

Erik and Sanne are professional mushers and qualified wilderness guides.
With a home in a small village called Krokträsk, in the remote forests and next to beautiful lakes. Here they enjoy luxuries of true nature and ‘in-the-middle-of-nowhere’ living. Read more

Jan Klavora

  • Southern mountains
  • Slovenia

I believe that nature is my home, my church where I feel best so i feel that we need to protect it. Read more