Local Partners & guides

We pride ourselves in finding and working with the best local partners and guides to deliver unique, authentic experiences to you! Our business is based on relationships, filled with trust and integrity - our partners are here because they strive for the same.

Ultimately, our partners become yours, as they host you and care for you through your adventures!

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Florin Halastauan

  • Southern Carpathians
  • Romania

Florin Halastauan, attached to Rewilding Europe, is one of the specialized nature guides in the Southern Carpathians. He has extensive experience as a park ranger in several wilderness areas in Europe, including Norway and Finland. Read more

Marco Buonocuore

  • Central Apennines
  • Italy

Before he became a guide Marco worked many years as a graphic designer in Rome. In 2015 he decided to change his life, leaving Rome and moving to Abruzzo. Read more

Iwona & Reginald

We love Oder Delta, it is amazing to live here. We can enjoy an incredible wildlife and variety of bird species. We feel like a guest in the nature. We have the best job in the world, which is to create memorable experiences for our guests to bring back home. Read more

Mafalda Nicolau de Almeida

  • Greater Côa Valley
  • Portugal

Mafalda decided to become an entrepreneur to offer visitors more than just 'window tourism' as she calls it. Mafalda's offerings are centered on authenticity and distinction! Read more

Love Rynbäck

  • Lapland
  • Sweden

Love is the owner of CreActive Adventures. They have been providing high quality, personal and fun activities in Swedish Lapland since 2000 Read more