Local Partners

We pride ourselves in finding and working with the best local partners to deliver unique, authentic experiences to you! Our business is based on relationships, filled with trust and integrity - our partners are here because they strive for the same.

Ultimately, our partners become yours, as they host you and care for you through your adventures!

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Sara Noro

  • Western Iberia
  • Portugal

“Cloudless night skies are the most spectacular thing about being on the reserve after dark,” says Sara. “Away from all artificial light, surrounded by the blackness of the land, the marvelous canopy of stars overhead is a real retreat." Read more

Matija Klanjšček

  • Southern mountains
  • Slovenia

During his youth he was active in sports, particularly in athletics at the beginning, but later on he was more devoted to mountaineering challenges. Read more

Georg Messerer

  • Southern Carpathians
  • Romania

A qualified Wilderness Trails Guide with extensive guiding experience in Southern Africa and Romania, Georg brings an international flare and passion to the guiding word in Europe. Read more