Slovenia: Experience Lynx conservation in Kočevsko

Explore Kočevsko's most wild and stunning areas, be inspired by the wildness and change the fate of most endangered animal – the Eurasian lynx.

Slovenia is a paradise for nature lovers. A small and diverse country full of natural beauty, tasty local food and generous hospitality. Kočevsko is one of most sustainable and green areas in Slovenia with about 90% of the area covered by forest. It Is home to brown bear, wolf and now lynx too.

The Lynx has been one of the most endangered species in Slovenia. Sadly, lynxes disappeared from the area in the beginning of the 20th century, due to habitat loss, prey depletion and killing. In 1973, six lynxes were reintroduced to the Kočevsko area to repopulate this area. 

Newly reintroduced lynxes from Romania and Slovakia present hope, which will be released in Slovenia and Croatia within LIFE LYNX project and hopefully improve the current situation and breed with resident lynxes.

Learn and explore in Slovenia


Day 1: Arrival to the town of Kočevje and meet your guide dr. Petra Draškovič Pelc. Dinner and short introduction about Kočevsko and Lynx conservation efforts in Slovenia. Overnight stay In a historical boutique hotel.

Day 2: After breakfast, we explore the magic Kočevski Rog – the place where lynx was introduced in 1973 and where we occasionally track his activity. We will spend the day by the virgin forest; one of the rare untouched forests that remains in the area.

After a picnic in nature we will be tracking wild animals (bear, deer, with some luck even wolf and lynx) we will collect data for science and you will be able to experience the co-existence with large carnivore and try to understand how local people live here with bear, wolf and lynx.

We finish the day at local farm tasting some fantastic homemade delights. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Start a day with a sunrise coffee and a little hike to the stunning lookout of the wild heart of Kočevsko.

There is nothing more beautiful than starting a morning in the wild. With some luck we might even see a white-tailed eagle soaring around or spot chamois. We continue the day by exploring the habitat of the eagle, enjoying light hiking in the stunning Kočevsko area and in the afternoon we visit a local artisan, who will carve a perfect gift for you to take home.

We finish the day having a farewell dinner, prepared by a local chef. Overnight stay

Day 4: We say farewell after breakfast.


  • Days: 4 days/3 nights
  • When: May-October 
  • Accommodation: Sleep in a boutique homestead and enjoy a local warm welcome.
  • Guide: Petra Draskovic Pelc
  • How to get there: You can reach  Kočevsko by train or rental car from Ljubljana
  • Languages: English, Slovenian.


  • 2 people - 1995 Eur/per person
  • 3 people - 1815 Eur/per person
  • 4 people - 1625 Eur/per person

The price includes: Professional guiding and transfers within the programme. 3x breakfast, 3x dinner, 2x lunch. 3 nights of accommodation in double bed boutique rooms. Visiting local artisans. Contribute directly towards scientific research and conservation effort.

The price does not include: Transport to destination, Transfer from airport/train station (possible to arrange to from airport/train station, ask us). Travel and activity insurance. Personal expenses.

Optional: You can start and/or end your stay in Hotel Mrak in Ljubljana. Contact us for price details.  You can also prolong your stay for a bear-watching experience or other Slovenian nature experience, for instance Hiking and bear Watching or Six days of Slovenian magic


With your trip, you can make a huge difference, and help science understand the lynx situation better, gain new data and insight into the life and activity of lynxes. By staying and exploring with us you will contribute to buying a new collar to monitor the lynx movement.

This will enable the LIFE LYNX research team to continue with the research. We cannot promise you will see a lynx while you stay with us, they are very shy animals and always avoid people. However, after we equip the lynx with the collar, you will get the photos of it and we will keep you updated with the process of the research.



Aukje Van Gerven and

Irene Fernandez


Meet Petra

Petra Draškovič Pelc is an enthusiastic traveler, photographer and nature guide, lover of Northern horizons, a curious admirer of nature, author of countless articles in Slovenia and abroad, and holds a PhD in biomedical science but she found her calling in nature photography and guiding.

She enjoys silence, peace, the tracks of large carnivores, the smell of forest in the rain and the beauty of the light-flooded wilds of all the untouched corners of the world like Alaska, Lapland or Altai Mountains deep in Siberia, as well as the beauty of her local Kočevsko area and Slovenia.

Throughout her diverse work of guiding, photographing and writing, she tries to express love towards nature and its preservation, bringing us closer to the beauty of the landscape she loves, as well as to develop active, boutique and inspiring tourism where you can truly experience the forest.

“Bringing people to the forest, showing them their magic light, revealing the secrets of the forest, seeding love for caring of nature and making friends at the same time” is not only my passion, it is a way of my life. And moments like this change you forever.“

"Life has secrets pathways, and only your heart knows how to get there. When you look with open heart and curious eyes, everything is a miracle."

Petra Draškovič Pelc
Nature guide and photographer