Slovenia: Two days hiking and bear watching in Kočevsko

Two perfect days to dive into the area of Kočevsko forest. Spend time in nature in search of wildlife and enjoy local delicacies.

Kočevsko is the most densely forested area in Slovenia, where nature covers 91% of its total area. There we can find ancient virgin forests where you can feel the embrace of nature in its purest form. There forests are witness to times when it was a restricted area during World War II, and still conserve the atmosphere of mystery and secretiveness.

During this two day experience you will dive into this area that is so full of stories, nature, and wildlife. Hike between mighty trees while learning everything about coexisting with nature and contributing to its conservation. Spot birds of prey along the river and enjoy local delicacies at a local farmhouse.

Our expert guide Dr Petra Draskovic-Pelc will be your companion during this trip. She is a photographer, guide, lecturer and researcher and she has completed Rewilding Tourism Training by Rewilding Europe.

Adventure in green slovenia


Day 1: Get to know the most scenic places of Kočevsko, admire wild nature, and learn about co-existing with large carnivores.

With some luck, we might see some of the activities of bear, wolf, as well other animals like red deer or owls.

We will do a short hike to admire the virgin forest, take time to enjoy the nature, learn about it, take photos, listen to nature and birds and feel the wild nature.

A late lunch at a local farmhouse will enable us to taste delicious local delights and in the late afternoon, we spend some time at the wildlife hide, hoping to see the bear. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2: On the second day we will admire the views above Kolpa river and peek into the UNESCO world heritage - the old-growth forest Krokar from a marked trail and respect the magnificent beech forests.  With some luck, we might even see the chamois or the white-tailed eagle soaring in the air. It is always special to visit local people and hear their story. We will visit a local artist, who will carve you a perfect souvenir to take with home.

Departure in the late afternoon, after lunch.



  • Days:  2 days/ 1 nights
  • When: May-October 
  • Accommodation: Bearlog Hostel in Kočevje
  • Guide: Petra Draskovic Pelc
  • How to get there: You can reach  Kočevsko  by train or rental car from Ljubljana
  • Languages: English, Slovenian 


  • €625 pp for 2 people
  • €495 pp for 3 people
  • €440 pp for 4 people

The price includes: Professional guiding and transfers within the programme. 1x breakfast, 1x dinner, 2x lunch. 1 night of accommodation in a local high end hikers' hostel. Visiting local artisans. Contribute directly towards conservation efforts.

The price does not include: Transport to destination, Transfer from airport/train station (possible to arrange to from airport/train station, ask us). Travel and activity insurance. Personal expenses.

Optional: You can start and/or end your stay in Hotel Mrak in Ljubljana. Contact us for price details.


By adding Slovenia-based offerings to its growing portfolio, the European Safari Company is contributing to bear conservation and driving nature-based tourism development in the country’s Kočevje region.

While bears remain a heavily managed species in Europe, the increase in bear numbers in Slovenia is underpinning a new trend towards “bear tourism”, with the LIFE DINALP BEAR project (a member of Rewilding Europe’s European Rewilding Network) working to change local mindsets and engaging stakeholders such as local hunting associations, the forestry industry and a range of European tourism partners in the planning and implementation of a bear tourism model.


Aukje Van Gerven and

Irene Fernandez


Meet Petra

Petra Draškovič Pelc is an enthusiastic traveler, photographer and nature guide, lover of Northern horizons, a curious admirer of nature, author of countless articles in Slovenia and abroad, and holds a PhD in biomedical science but she found her calling in nature photography and guiding.

She enjoys silence, peace, the tracks of large carnivores, the smell of forest in the rain and the beauty of the light-flooded wilds of all the untouched corners of the world like Alaska, Lapland or Altai Mountains deep in Siberia, as well as the beauty of her local Kočevsko area and Slovenia.

Throughout her diverse work of guiding, photographing and writing, she tries to express love towards nature and its preservation, bringing us closer to the beauty of the landscape she loves, as well as to develop active, boutique and inspiring tourism where you can truly experience the forest.

“Bringing people to the forest, showing them their magic light, revealing the secrets of the forest, seeding love for caring of nature and making friends at the same time” is not only my passion, it is a way of my life. And moments like this change you forever.“

"Life has secrets pathways, and only your heart knows how to get there. When you look with open heart and curious eyes, everything is a miracle."

Petra Draškovič Pelc
Nature guide and photographer