Our tailor made safaris are an exclusive range of travel experiences in some of Europe's wildest locations, these immersive programmes gives you the opportunity to travel to the heart of Rewilding operational areas. 

If you like to completely build your own safari in terms of destination, duration and according to your specific needs and wishes, this is where you start. It is possible to book these trips ‘privately guided throughout', which means traveling with an experienced and qualified guide who handles your trip from start to finish. You are also able to dive deeper into the rewilding efforts in the area and can meet with the local Rewilding Europe team.

Example trips

Take a look at the best of the European Safari Company, selected for you. You can customize these examples to make it an experience that fits your holiday, just build your own or ask us for help!

Rewilding Impact Retreat
Explore Italy's Wild Heart
Drink coffee at sunrise and enjoy sunset drinks on the mountains. At night track wolves and sleep out in the wild. Discover Italian food from the locals and taste delicious wines in this unique experience.
Rewilding Impact Retreat
Bison reintroduction in the beautiful Romanian Mountains
Have you ever cooked a meal on an open fire and slept out in the wild? Had a picnic in the remote Tarcu Mountains or tracked bisons on foot? All these new and unique experiences are awaiting you in the Romanian Southern Carpathians.
Combining the Adriatic Sea with the Velebit Mountains
Croatia's Wet and Wild
Combine the Adriatic Coast with Velebit Mountains in this unique experience. Marvel at the stunning views, spot bears and bottlenose dolphins, and enjoy new local culinary experiences at Linden Tree Ranch and Resort and Villa Kata.
Rewilding Impact Retreat
Portugal's Greater Coa Valley
Watch skies full of vultures and birds of prey, walk amongst free-roaming herds in Faia Brava. Marvel at the ancient rock engravings, and delight yourself with Portuguese wine and port.


Meet Simon

Simon Collier was born in South Africa and started his safari career over twenty years ago at &Beyond Phinda, moving to Londolozi where he not only worked as a guide but also as a camp manager. He continued his career at Wilderness Safaris, as General Manager for Wilderness Explorations. 

Currently living in The Netherlands, Simon is keeping a very strong connection to eco-tourism and nature, maintaining a strong role in guide training and mentorship within Europe.

Simon spent five years developing the wildlife & tourism industry across Europe and became an expert in developing sustainable businesses in rural areas in many countries. 

He launched the European Safari Company in 2017 and started his own business in 2019: Nature Tourism Development. 

Simon is passionate about wildlife & nature and has real experience in the field. He has excellent people skills and has hosted guests, media and partners.



“A day in the wild is a blessing, and the ability and opportunity to share this with other people a privilege.  Europe’s wild has so much to offer and backed with a combination of local communities and cultures provides a dynamic experiences not to be missed.” ~ Simon Collier